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Philadelphia Eagles: Who will replace Andy Reid?


Who will replaced AR? Image via voxxi.com.

With Andy Reid out as Philadelphia Eagles head coach, the major question facing the franchise now is who will replace him.The speculation has swirled for months, as Reid’s fate was sealed further by each successive loss. Here’s a look at some of the possibilities.

Chip Kelly

The name that has been tossed around most in relation to the Eagles head coaching gig is University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly. His innovation and reputation as an offensive mastermind certainly has to peak the interest of the Birds—and many other teams. However, he is untested in the NFL. Philadelphia has worked hard to establish itself as an elite franchise in the NFL and taking the plunge with someone with no league experience following Reid’s success is quite a gamble. Add to that a desire for control that team owner Jeffrey Lurie will likely not surrender. According to SI’s Don Banks, Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles: Who will replace Andy Reid?’

The rumor mill churns: Jon Gruden to replace Andy Reid in Philadelphia?


Will Jon Gruden put on a coaching headset again for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The fact that Andy Reid is in the midst of his last season as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles seems to be a foregone conclusion. With a 3-5 record and a team in disarray, Reid has shown no ability to remedy the problems plaguing the squad or light the needed spark within his player.

For all intents and purposes, Reid is a lame duck coach.

He’ll keep talking but, like his team, we’ve stopped paying attention.

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Ron Jaworski to Interview Eagles QB Mike Vick In New Version of Gruden’s Quarterback Camp


Image via Yahoo! Sports

A few weeks ago, we discovered that Ron Jaworksi would no longer be part of ESPN’s Monday Football Lineup. Instead, Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico will man the MNF booth as a duo.

While the news initially seemed to be a smack in the face to Jaws, he was given a 5-year contract extension by the sports network. And now we have some idea of what some of his new responsibilities will be with ESPN.

In an interview with the Courier-Post, Jaworkski revealed some of what ESPN has in mind for him moving forward, saying that “It is all based rather than one game a week, but 16 games a week.”

He will work on shows like NFL Countdown as well as a Monday Night Football preview. And most interestingly, he’ll do a version of Gruden’s quarterback camp, but with current players in the NFL. Continue reading ‘Ron Jaworski to Interview Eagles QB Mike Vick In New Version of Gruden’s Quarterback Camp’