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The Eagles’ quarterback quandry


Sunday was not Nick Foles’ day. Photo via the Philadelphia Eagles.

Whatever Nick Foles had for breakfast on Sunday, he shouldn’t plan to have ever again on a game day.

In the absence of any other explanation for his awful performance at the Linc against the Cowboys, let’s just go ahead and blame  it on the Wheaties. Foles wasn’t available following the game to discuss what went wrong—he left the game in the third quarter due to a head injury. Chip Kelly couldn’t explain it, either, but rather than laying the blame for scoring only three points in the game only at Foles, he pointed the finger at the entire offense.

The real pity of the offense’s failings was a strong showing by the defense, who held the Cowboys to just 17 points and grabbed two interceptions from Tony Romo. With a little help in the way of points on the scoreboard, the Eagles could have won this game. Or at least been in it. But that was not the way it was to be.

Foles’ numbers were as strikingly bad this week as they were good last week.  11-for-29 for 80 yards, averaging just 2.8 yards per attempt. Ouch. In fact, when Kelly was asked how the young quarterback could go from the NFC’s offensive player of the week to disaster in seven days, he didn’t have an answer. In fact, that was his actual response. “ I don’t have an answer for it.” Continue reading ‘The Eagles’ quarterback quandry’

Will upgrades at the Linc put Philadelphia in contention as a Super Bowl host city?



The Philadelphia Eagles announced over the weekend a that Lincoln Financial Field would undergo a Stadium Revitalization Project over the next two years intended to enhance the fan experience at games.

Included in the project, which will conclude prior to the start of the 2014 season, includes Wi-FI (whoo hoo!), an additional 7,000 seats, 2 additional HD video boards, bridges connecting the upper levels of the stadium and imagery to connect great moments and players of the team, including 34 murals placed along the upper and main concourses. The project will total $125 million. Continue reading ‘Will upgrades at the Linc put Philadelphia in contention as a Super Bowl host city?’

Washington Redskins v. Philadelphia Eagles: Birds relishing the role of spoiler?


A lot has changed since the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins first met in Week 11. That game was Nick Foles’ first career start in that NFL. Both teams were 3-6.

But that’s where the fortunes of the teams took divergent paths. Continue reading ‘Washington Redskins v. Philadelphia Eagles: Birds relishing the role of spoiler?’

Eagles Briefs: Rankings for LeSean McCoy and Mike Vick are in


Running back LeSean McCoy was the last member of the Philadelphia Eagles to be featured on the NFL Network’s countdown of the league’s top 100 players of 2012. Shady came in at number 18.

Though McCoy wasn’t as displeased about his rating as quarterback Mike Vick, the opinions of his peers are still important to him. And he plans to prove them wrong in next year’s countdown. Shady took to Twitter to reveal his feelings on the ranking, saying, “Rating me #18 out of the whole NFL …. Next year top 5.”

This just in: Mike Vick is rich

Forbes recently published its list of the world’s richest athletes, and no shocker here—Mike Vick is on the list. He comes in at number 50, to be precise, having made $22 million from June of 2011 to June of this year.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather topped the list, with an estimated $85 million in earnings in the past year. Well damn.

The highest NFL player on the list is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, whose earnings in the past year made him the 10th highest paid player in the world (pulling in $42.5 million). Giants QB Eli Manning came in at #30, earning $26.6 million.

Better luck next time

Did you snag any tickets to an Eagles game for the 2012? Tickets sold out the same day they went on sale. Not too much of a surprise there—fans are itching for the most popular sport in the country to get started.

Some of that money may or may not be going towards upgrades that the Eagles reportedly want to make to the Linc that would total between $60 and 100 million. According to CSNPhilly,

Potential changes include new field level boxes, improved video technology, renovations to clubs on the east and west sides and gate entry upgrades.

No one is sure how the team is planning to pay for the proposed changes.

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Note to Jerry Jones: You Should Be Scared


Image via allthingsphillysports.blogspot

As they prepare to face off on Christmas Eve, both Dallas (8-6) and Philadelphia (6-8) are coming off of wins. The Cowboys currently hold a tenuous lead in the NFC East. But still, it’s enough to make the Crypt Keeper–err, Jerry Jones–nervous.

Why? Well, we may not like the man, but he does have a measure of common sense. He knows that all of the talk in the world can’t erase the fact that the Eagles humiliated his team by beating them 34 to 7 at the Linc in Week 8.

Jones told KRLD-FM

“It’s that kind of feeling. The respect turns into being afraid of what they can do to you if you have some breakdowns out there — so you can put that ‘scared’ there if you want to.

“I think sometimes I know I do my best when I’m scared.”

The Eagles have made Jerry Jones scared. Now isn’t that just music to my ears.

Much like the Eagles and all NFC East teams this season, Dallas has been inconsistent in its performance from week to week. A look at their results this season tell part of the story. Scraping by the Dolphins by one point in Week 12. Beaten by the Cardinals in Week 13. Losing a critical game to the Giants in Week 14. The Cowboys did win in Week 15, but it was to the Bucs. Not necessarily a telling–or inspiring– win for the team.

By contrast, it’s taking all damned season, but the Birds are finally playing some good football. They didn’t just beat the Jets–they beat the crap out of them. Now that was a win to build confidence. Sure, the Eagles will face the Cowboys at home, but Philadelphia has performed much beater on the road this season.

Philadelphia’s defense is fighting to prove that their performance the last two weeks isn’t a fluke, for pride, and to save the job of DC Juan Castillo.

The offense wants to help LeSean McCoy with his record season, to prove that they can keep putting up high numbers without making silly mistakes, and to help a now healthier Mike Vick finish the season strong.

And more than anything else, both sides for the Eagles want to show that their remaining games this season do mean something. That there is a chance to make it to the playoffs, no matter how remote. They have gotten themselves into this difficult position, but this Philadelphia team wants to show that they will fight to the finish.

So yes, Jerry Jones, you should be scared. Your Cowboys and the Eagles will be fighting for their very futures come Saturday. With Philadelphia finally showing some of what it is capable of doing, they will certainly be a formidable opponent. And with Dallas playing at home and having that slight lead in the NFC East, they have everything to lose.

Ah, Cowboys Week. All Eagles fans want for Christmas is a “W” on Christmas Eve.

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