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It’s almost here: Who will the Eagles take first in the draft?


After five months of talk and speculation, the 2015 NFL draft is almost here. The intrigue surrounding Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles is at record levels. Have his series of bold moves this offseason all been part of a brilliant master plan to snag Oregon QB Marcus Mariota? Will all be revealed (and make sense) come Thursday night?

The stakes are as high as they’ve ever been for the Birds. It is the first draft where Kelly will fully wield power. After a disastrous selection of Marcus Smith in the first round last year, the Eagles have got to make a pick able to make a positive impact on the field this season. No room for excuses. Continue reading ‘It’s almost here: Who will the Eagles take first in the draft?’

With front office moves, Philadelphia Eagles ride or die with Chip Kelly


It has been several days since the Philadelphia Eagles’ front office turmoil ended with a restructuring that resulted in the promotions of former general manager Howie Roseman and head coach Chip Kelly. Does the move look as good now as it may have appeared then?

In truth, we know that the change from GM to Executive Vice President of Football Operations was a promotion in name (and salary) only for Roseman. He went from having a direct hand in evaluating and acquiring talent for the Eagles, to now managing the team’s contracts, medical staff and equipment. Important work, but a demotion nonetheless. Continue reading ‘With front office moves, Philadelphia Eagles ride or die with Chip Kelly’

Morning Muse: Shift in authority at the Novacare?


Morning Muse MugIt’s the day before the big game, which is five days away from the biggest game. A thorough defeat of the Tennessee Titans by the Philadelphia Eagles is what we expect to see tomorrow afternoon, which has somewhat lessened the furor surrounding the game. We all hope to see play that will forever–alright, at least temporarily–wipe out visions of the a**-whopping witnessed last week. As we experience the quiet before the dual storms of Eagles madness that will envelope us this week (Thanksgiving can’t get here fast enough!), let’s peruse some team headlines. Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: Shift in authority at the Novacare?’