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High flying Eagles offense takes on stingy Seahawks D in huge NFC matchup



The Seattle Seahawks face the Philadelphia Eagles at the Linc today for a huge NFC showdown. Who will prevail?

The NFL’s top-ranked defense will meet a soaring Eagles offense, fourth in the league and cruising at 416.2 yards per game. Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving beat down of the Cowboys showed a Birds team firing on all cylinders, ready for their most critical matchups of the season. With the o-line finally finding its footing with the return of Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis, LeSean McCoy has had back-to-back games of  100+ yards. Continue reading ‘High flying Eagles offense takes on stingy Seahawks D in huge NFC matchup’

The Most Entertaining Part of the Pro Bowl: Shady Mic’d Up (VIDEO)



Aah. Paradise.

Did you watch the Pro Bowl on Sunday night? Don’t worry, I only made it through the first half. If you’re truly dying to know how the game went, find out from someone who suffered through watched the whole thing.

Plays by Eagles on the NFC’s Pro Bowl squad included a fumble from LeSean McCoy (boo) and a deflected pass by Andy Dalton by Jason Babin (yay!).

While the “game” itself isn’t really entertaining, some of the lead up to it is.. Like when players are mic’ed up and harass some of their NFL peers.

Below is the best the Pro Bowl–LeSean McCoy mic’d up, asking the heavy questions.

Seriously, Marshawn Lynch. What IS up with those Skittles?

If you’re itching for more video of Eagles players at the Pro Bowl, CSNPhilly caught up with Shady and Jason Babin to find out how it was all going.

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Pitiful Performance by Philadelphia in Loss to Seahawks



LeSean McCoy was once again the only bright spot for the Eagles. Photo by D. Hallowell, Philadelphia Eagles

The two words used I used to describe Sunday’s loss against the Patriots by the Philadelphia Eagles were “epic” and “fail.” The two words I will use to describe where we stand after after the Eagles loss to the Seahawks are simply “four” and “eight.”

That’s right. 4-8. The Eagles record thus far this NFL season after suffering a 31-14 defeat to the Seahawks. Only six teams in the league have worse records than Philadelphia.

God tried to warn us all when the 1st offensive play of the game for the Eagles resulted in an interception by Vince Young. VY got 4 of those. In the postgame presser, the man actually said, “we just have to take care of the turnovers. That’s pretty much it. ”

That’s like saying,  all we have to do is stop losing. That’s pretty much it. No remorse expressed, no ownership of the mistakes that cost the game? Vince Young, ladies and gentleman. His numbers for the game were 17/29 for 209 yards for 1 touchdown, 4 interceptions.

But he doesn’t have that much to work on, according to Vince Young. Continue reading ‘Pitiful Performance by Philadelphia in Loss to Seahawks’

Fight for Pride: Eagles at Seahawks Preview



8:20 PM

TV: NFL Network & PHL 17

         Radio: 94WIP


The most riveting of matchup sthis is not. I present to you the 4-7 Eagles against the 4-7 Seahawks! But plenty of us will be watching.

It is what it is. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be annoyed. If Philadelphia wins, you’ll ask yourself, “Why couldn’t they have done this earlier in the season, and more often?” If they lose, you’ll turn off your television in disgust and think it’s par for the course for the 2011 Eagles.

Whatever happens, we can’t win. But I’d rather be frustrated with a win than not. Because there may be all out riots in Philadelphia if this Eagles team goes to 4-8.

As their record indicates, Seattle is not a great team. But remember, even with a losing record the Seahawks made the playoffs last year and made it further than the Eagles, beating the reigning Super Bowl champions. Not bad. But this is a new day and a new team in Seattle. Continue reading ‘Fight for Pride: Eagles at Seahawks Preview’