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LeSean McCoy named a top talent to build around in the NFL


The Philadelphia Eagles are incredibly fortunate to have a talent as good–and as young–as running back LeSean McCoy. The team knows this, and acknowledged it by signing him to a long-term deal this offseason.

For all of his success, Shady is only 23 years old (he’ll be 24 in a few days). He was the shining star of the Eagles’ offense in 2011 and will likely just keep getting better.

The very thought is enough to put a smile on your face.

McCoy’s talents are recognized around the league, with other great running backs like the Bears’ Matt Forte seeking to use Shady’s deal (5-year, $45 million) as a parameter for their own.

We love the seasoned veterans, but it’s youth that brings continued success to teams. ESPN Insider KC Joyner compiled a list of “10 young stars to build around” and LeSean McCoy was at the top of that list. This is what Joyner had to say:

Pros: McCoy won his first All-Pro honor last season and became one of the highest-paid running backs in the league because he is the type of ball carrier a team can build an offense around. His 342 combined rushes/targets were the fourth most among running backs last season, and he has ranked in the top 10 in the category of good blocking yards per attempt in each of the past two seasons (GBYPA being a measurement of a ball carrier’s productivity when given favorable blocking).

Head coach Andy Reid has said that Eagles may have used Shady too much last season, so it will be interesting to see how his load is balanced this season, as well as how rookies like Bryce Brown and Chris Polk will perform at training camp.

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Eagles Disappointment in Monday Night Loss


Photo via D. Hallowell, Philadelphia Eagles

I would like my Monday night back.

The Bears continued to surge while the Eagles crashed and burned.

The better team last night won. Angry at the Bears? That feeling would better be directed at the Eagles. Perhaps this is our fate this season. Many lows, and too few highs. The inconsistency is difficult to comprehend. How is it possible to be so good in back to back games and then apparently forget everything you’ve done right?

Jason Avant has nothing to worry about. Any bandwagon fans who jumped on he Eagles wave after their resounding defeat of Dallas last week have jumped the hell back off.

The Eagles did what we have seen them do far too many times this season. They played sloppy, mistake-ridden, unfocused football. The Eagles now have a 3-5 record to show for it.

3-5. The Philadelphia Eagles. Forget the horrid “Dream Team” stuff. This record is inexplicable for ANY Eagles squad. Continue reading ‘Eagles Disappointment in Monday Night Loss’

Bears at Philadelphia Preview: The 3s Face Off




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8:30 PM




Michael Vick has never defeated the Chicago Bears in his NFL career. But fourth his fourth team will undoubtedly be the charm.

Why? Because the importance of the Eagles getting a win on Monday night became even more critical when the New York Giants defeated the Patriots on Sunday, increasing New York’s lead in the NFC East and with an overall record of 6-2. Dallas also won, so the Eagles’  momentum needs to stay on track to defeat the Bears this evening. Philadelphia is currently 3rd in the NFC East, ahead of only the Redskins.

The Bears are coming off of a bye and  have much to prove in the NFC North, which is being soundly dominated by the undefeated Green Bay Packers and features stiff competition from the Detroit Lions, a team that hasn’t been a factor in that division (or at all) in years. The Bears also sit in third place in their division. Coming into tonight’s game the team has the momentum of two straight wins where they outscored the Vikings and the Buccaneers 63-28.

But, it is the Vikings and the Bucs so let’s not get too excited, Bears fans. Continue reading ‘Bears at Philadelphia Preview: The 3s Face Off’