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Eagles Tweet of the Week: Body Issue


We’ve made it to another Friday, Eagles fans! Today just so happens to be an extra special Friday, as it is the day of birth of a certain writer of this post. Don’t worry–you can get me a present later. I celebrate all month.

The best birthday presents for me this year come in the form of outcomes of sporting events. I already got a nice pre-birthday gift from the city of Detroit, called the elimination of the New York Yankees from the MLB playoffs by the Detroit Tigers. Woot!

The Phillies defeating the Cardinals tonight is a birthday must. And, though it’s not on the actual day, a present in the form of a win from the Eagles on Sunday would do a lot to just make me overall feel a lot better about the state of the team.

If these outcomes do not occur, then I will take it personally. And we don’t want that, do we?

Moving on to the Eagles Tweet of the Week. Jason Kelce has quickly proven that he is one of the Eagles top talents, both on and off the field. Most importantly, on Twitter. He’s funny. He’s ironic. He’s witty. This week, he came up with this:


That’s right, ESPN revealed photos of this year’s Body Issue and they included nary an Eagle. Oh well–Kelce has put them on notice. Surely next year will be his year.

For updates on how the Phils do tonight, be sure to check Philies site View from Section 116.

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Morning Muse: Thursday Edition


Here is your morning look at Eagles-related headlines from around the ‘net. Today’s stories cover quite a range of topics, so let’s get to it.

You know that I’m not getting too excited about these things, but today some NFL owners and players will join the discussions regarding the lockout.  Prior to today, the latest round of talks have featured only the lawyers representing the parties. Maybe we can start the holiday weekend with a bit of hope? – ESPN

Football fans know that Mike Vick is an amazing overall athlete. Well, so do the players of Major League Baseball. Vick won 16%  of their votes when asked the question for an SI poll,  “Which athlete in another sport would make the best baseball player?” Coolest fact of the article? Vick was drafted to the Colorado Rockies in 2000. -  The Eagletarian

Clearly, LeSean McCoy and several players on the Giants need a timeout. Giants DE Justin Tuck adds to the McCoy/Umenyiora Twitter battle. Note to all: Time to be quiet and play with your toys. Or hope that the football season comes back with a quickness so that your minds can be occupied with more age-appropriate concerns. – Eagles Central

In case you wanted or needed a reminder, DeSean Jackson makes waaay more money than you do. But enough to justify his recent bar tab? Maybe he doesn’t need that big new contract after all. – Stiletto Jill

Someone, somewhere, is always going to displeased with Mike Vick and protesting something about his existence. This time, see how BET and Subway are involved. – Media Daily LA

Well, dammit–you knew that wasn’t going to last long. Drew Rosenhaus speaks about TO’s knee surgery and expected recovery time. I’m not buying it, by the way. – Philly.com

In describing the new uniforms that Nike will develop for NFL teams when it takes over the contract from Reebok next year, the term “aggressive” was used by Nike. Have you seen Oregon’s uniforms? Concern starting….now. – Bleeding Green Nation