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Morning Muse: Eagles teammates have faith in Nick Foles


Morning Muse MugIt’s the last day of 2014, and the Philadelphia Eagles are already settling into the reality of the offseason. After their 34-26 win over the Giants on Sunday, all was said and done for their season. The team once again found itself with a 10-6 record, but this time with no playoff berth. So, instead of cheering on the Birds, our joy this weekend will be rooting for the Detroit Lions to crush the Cowboys.

Dem is the breaks. Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: Eagles teammates have faith in Nick Foles’

Morning Muse: Misery for the rest of the NFC East edition


Morning Muse MugThere was no Philadelphia Eagles football this Sunday, which gave Birds fans more of a chance to peak in on the action around the NFL. And laugh at the misery of the rest of the teams in the NFC East, none of whom had pleasant game experiences on Sunday.

Mean? Perhaps. But it’s a Monday after a holiday weekend. You get a pass for delighting in the pain of others.

Were you longing to know what was going on inside of Jerry Jones’ head as his team turned into the turkey that was stuffed on Thanksgiving Day? Well, here are his deepest thoughts – he says that his team “stunk it up all the way around.” At least he’s not in denial. – Sports Illustrated Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: Misery for the rest of the NFC East edition’

Philadelphia Eagles bye week survival guide


It’s Sunday and there’s no Eagles football. What’s a fan to do?

Nine months of waiting for football season to arrive, followed by several weeks of the ups and downs that mark being a fan of Philadelphia Eagles football. It’s what fall’s all about, but once a season it comes to a screeching halt: The bye week. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles bye week survival guide’

Philadelphia Eagles flying high after total shutout of New York Giants


The Philadelphia Eagles head into their bye week flying on the highest note possible: On the heels of total shutout of those New York football Giants 27-0. 27-zip. 27-to-nada.

However you say it, the score is beautiful.

This is the game when LeSean McCoy finally got going, notching 149 rushing yards. The tight ends got into the act, with Zach Ertz and James Casey both getting in the endzone. Nick Foles finished the game with 21 for 34 with 248 yards for two touchdowns, but also threw two interceptions. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles flying high after total shutout of New York Giants’

An epic week in Eagles – Giants trash talk


Trent Cole will not be the only Eagles player going Eli hunting on Sunday night.

The hatred between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants runs deep, and the lead up to Sunday night’s matchup between the NFC East rivals has done everything to demonstrate this truth. Play on the field doesn’t get underway until 8:30 Sunday evening, but the mouths of the players on both teams have been going and going and going all week.

The barbs have been flying back and forth all week, so I’ll pick up with Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul showing his dislike for the Birds, as well as basic arithmetic: Continue reading ‘An epic week in Eagles – Giants trash talk’