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One small step towards football season: Eagles preseason opponents announced



The Philadelphia Eagles’ 2015 preseason opponents were announced on Thursday, getting us one small step closer to football season.

We don’t know the exact dates and times, but we know the opponents and where the games will take place. That’s all we really need right now. A morsel to whet the appetites of hearty fans. Continue reading ‘One small step towards football season: Eagles preseason opponents announced’

Chip Kelly adds to swirl of DeSean Jackson trade rumors


Will DeSean Jackson continue to fly as an Eagle through 2014?

Will DeSean Jackson remain a Philadelphia Eagle through the 2014 season or won’t he? Getting a clear answer to this question is growing stranger—and more exhausting–by the day.

Reports of the Birds’ interest in trading the talented receiver, coming off the best season of his career, have not been clear or consistent. Jackson netted over 1300 years in 2013 and pulled in 9 touchdowns. It is hard to comprehend, then,  why the Eagles would be so willing to part with such a valuable part of Chip Kelly’s offense.

Continue reading ‘Chip Kelly adds to swirl of DeSean Jackson trade rumors’

Philadelphia Eagles have their #3 QB: Edwards beats out Kafka


Mike Kafka will wear an Eagles uniform no more.

It seemed pretty clear leading up to Thursday, and after the Eagles’ defeat of the Jets in their preseason finale there could be no doubt: Trent Edwards had fought for and won a spot on Philadelphia’s roster.

The news became official on Friday afternoon.

Who could have ever predicted this turn of events at the start of training camp, not least at the start of the preseason? Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles have their #3 QB: Edwards beats out Kafka’

Plaxico Burress Describes How He Would Fit Into the Eagles Offense


How many times can I write about Plaxico Burress’ very public interest in joining the Philadelphia Eagles?

As many times as he’ll talk about  it, apparently. It’s the offseason, people. Cut me some slack.

Plax went further than he has gone in his previous pronouncements yesterday in a radio interview on 97.5 The Fanatic. Burress outlined specifically how he saw himself adding to the Eagles offense. Continue reading ‘Plaxico Burress Describes How He Would Fit Into the Eagles Offense’

Eagles Tweet of the Week: The Jets May Want To Look Into This


You remember it well. Last Sunday. Jets at Eagles. Eagles blow out of the Jets. It was a wonderful moment in the 2011 season.

The usually formidable Jets were clearly not themselves last week. Sure, they faced an Eagles team who have harnessed their collective talent and are now firing on all cylinders. But the team played like there was little substance to their game plan.

Center Jason Kelce may have figured out what happened.

The photographic evidence?

It’s just as well that this monstrous order obstructed Ryan’s view and planning for last week. But we’ll need him to wipe his mouth, clear his head, and FOCUS on beating the snot out of the Giants this weekend. You hear me, Rex?

As we all know, that receipt isn’t a record of an epic Ryan binge somehow obtained by Jason Kelce, it begs the question: Who the hell eats that much food?

Answer: Most of us in the next coming days.

Happy Friday, Happy Holidays, and Go Eagles!

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