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Morning Muse: Eagles teammates have faith in Nick Foles


Morning Muse MugIt’s the last day of 2014, and the Philadelphia Eagles are already settling into the reality of the offseason. After their 34-26 win over the Giants on Sunday, all was said and done for their season. The team once again found itself with a 10-6 record, but this time with no playoff berth. So, instead of cheering on the Birds, our joy this weekend will be rooting for the Detroit Lions to crush the Cowboys.

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Save the Date: 2012 Eagles Training Camp Dates Announced


The draft is over, and it’s time for the Philadelphia Eagles to start working hard together to make sure all of the pieces of the puzzle–rookies and veterans alike–are ready to take on the 2012 season with far better results than what we saw in 2011.

The work will begin next weekend with a rookie mini-camp from May 12th through the 14th. The full team will convene for full team OTAs on May 22-24th. Other OTAs will take place from May 30 to June 1, and then again on June 4-7.

A mandatory full-team minicamp is scheduled for June 12 through 14th.

And then, before you know it it will be time for training camp. It will all begin on Sunday, July 22 when rookies, quarterbacks and injured players report to camp. Remaining veteran players will report on Wednesday, July 25. Camp will break on Wednesday, August 15.

That’s not so long from now, is it? Okay, yes, yes it is.

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And So It Begins…The First Sunday Without Football


Our poor, aching, football-less heads

How are you holding up out there, football fans? Do you feel a bit…unsteady today? Unsure of your place in the world? Generally miserable but you’re not sure why?

It could be life in general that’s got you down. But it’s more likely that you are going through early stages of football withdrawal.

Did you wake up this morning completely unaware of how you would spend the day? With no recollection of how you possible spent all of your Sundays during the last offseason? Continue reading ‘And So It Begins…The First Sunday Without Football’

Ray Didinger’s “I Miss Football” Lockout Reading List


Missing football? At this stage, who isn’t? No OTAs, no trades and even the usual plans for training camp are at risk.

What’s a fan to do?

Football and Eagles guru extraordinaire Ray Didinger. In response to a question from a deprived fan, Didinger put together an excellent list of football related reading to help fans survive this especially brutal offseason. His list includes 15 books–10 general football titles as well as 5 that relate to Philadelphia.

Here are his suggestions for general interest football reads:

1. When Pride Still Mattered (2000)
The definitive biography of Vince Lombardi, who still is regarded by many as the greatest coach in NFL history. Written by Pulitzer Prize-winner David Maraniss, the book is meticulously researched and paints a warts-and-all picture of Lombardi. Philly fans will be shocked to learn Lombardi agreed to coach the Eagles in 1958 only to be talked out of it by Giants owner Wellington Mara.

2. Friday Night Lights (1990)
Buzz Bissinger’s study of a small Texas town where life revolves around high school football. Bissinger, a one-time political reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, spent a year in Odessa chronicling the Permian High School Panthers’ quest for a state championship. The book spawned a movie and a TV series and while both are good, neither equaled the book, which is brilliant.

3. The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pro Football (1970)
Written by Paul Zimmerman, this is part textbook and part love letter to the sport. No writer understands football – the strategy, the mindset, the unwritten rules – better than Dr. Z, and he spells it out in a way that reflects his profound respect for the men who coach and play the game. Continue reading ‘Ray Didinger’s “I Miss Football” Lockout Reading List’