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Can the Philadelphia Eagles keep up with the Denver Broncos?


Can the Eagles D stop Peyton Manning from inflicting too much damage?

The Philadelphia Eagles are in Denver to face the Broncos, and it is one of the most challenging games on their schedule. Denver’s #1 ranked offense faces Philly’s #2 offense. Both teams can be fast and explosive, but will Chip Kelly even want his team to work quickly, only to hand over the ball to Peyton Manning, who has already had a historic season by notching 12 touchdowns in just three games? Continue reading ‘Can the Philadelphia Eagles keep up with the Denver Broncos?’

The task of bringing down Big Ben looms large for the Eagles defense


I really don't like having a photo of this man on my site. Image via jimrome.com

The Philadelphia Eagles face a notoriously tough Pittsburgh Steelers team at Heinz Field this Sunday. The Steelers are coming off of their bye week and a disappointing 1-2 record. They’ll be rested and ready to push towards a winning record.

Add to that the return of some of Pittsburgh’s best players on both sides of the ball from injury–safety Troy Polamalu, linebacker James Harrison and running back Rashard Mendenhall– and the task gets even more difficult for Philadelphia.

The challenge the Eagles face as they head tacross the state this weekend cannot be overstated.

Ben Roethlisberger’s size, however, can be. Continue reading ‘The task of bringing down Big Ben looms large for the Eagles defense’

Steelers v. Eagles: Let the Preseason Begin!


Are you read for some football, Eagles fans? Yes, it may be “only” a preseason game but I’m excited. It’s that time of year when any football at all will help to fill the void that’s existed for the past 6 months.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles
Thursday, August 9, 2012
7:30 pm
Radio: WIP (610 AM and 94.1 FM)

 The teams across from the state from one another meet again in the preseason. In last year’s contest, the Steelers defeated the Birds 24-14 at Heinz Field.

What to watch for from the Birds:

-Expect a long, rousing, heartfelt response to the crowd for Andy Reid. Mike Vick has said that the 2012 season is dedicated to Reid’s deceased son, Garrett, and the crowd is going to show the Eagles head coach just how much his courage and commitment to the team meant to them. I don’t have to tell you that Philadelphia has not been a very hospitable environment for Reid, particularly in the past year, but he is going to continue feel the love of Eagles Nation more than he ever has before.

-Quarterbacks: Trent Edwards is still on the roster and he, along with starter Mike Vick, rookie Nick Foles, and Mike Kafka, who is favored to win the #2 spot, will each play a quarter in tomorrow’s game. This will provide an important gauge of how the backup competition is, how far Foles has progressed, and if concerns about Kafka’s ability to throw the deep ball can be quieted. Continue reading ‘Steelers v. Eagles: Let the Preseason Begin!’

Eagles Briefs: Rankings for LeSean McCoy and Mike Vick are in


Running back LeSean McCoy was the last member of the Philadelphia Eagles to be featured on the NFL Network’s countdown of the league’s top 100 players of 2012. Shady came in at number 18.

Though McCoy wasn’t as displeased about his rating as quarterback Mike Vick, the opinions of his peers are still important to him. And he plans to prove them wrong in next year’s countdown. Shady took to Twitter to reveal his feelings on the ranking, saying, “Rating me #18 out of the whole NFL …. Next year top 5.”

This just in: Mike Vick is rich

Forbes recently published its list of the world’s richest athletes, and no shocker here—Mike Vick is on the list. He comes in at number 50, to be precise, having made $22 million from June of 2011 to June of this year.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather topped the list, with an estimated $85 million in earnings in the past year. Well damn.

The highest NFL player on the list is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, whose earnings in the past year made him the 10th highest paid player in the world (pulling in $42.5 million). Giants QB Eli Manning came in at #30, earning $26.6 million.

Better luck next time

Did you snag any tickets to an Eagles game for the 2012? Tickets sold out the same day they went on sale. Not too much of a surprise there—fans are itching for the most popular sport in the country to get started.

Some of that money may or may not be going towards upgrades that the Eagles reportedly want to make to the Linc that would total between $60 and 100 million. According to CSNPhilly,

Potential changes include new field level boxes, improved video technology, renovations to clubs on the east and west sides and gate entry upgrades.

No one is sure how the team is planning to pay for the proposed changes.

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Mike Vick Not Threatened By Peyton Manning Rumor


Two weeks ago, the LA Times reported that the Philadelphia Eagles had pursued former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. For whatever reason, the team decided to issue a statement in response to the report. Andy Reid reiterated his commitment to quarterback Mike Vick in his statement. And that was that.

But we never heard a peep from Mike Vick. Until now.

Commenting for the first time from the report and comments from the team, Mike Vick was asked at an appearance at a school on Friday what he thought about the fact that his team may have pursuing Peyton Manning.

In video appearing on the NFL Network, Vick was calm and confident, stating:

Let’s hope this is the case and that there aren’t any longer term issues from the report–there certainly shouldn’t be, and there are bigger issues for the team and the QB to focus on this offseason.

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