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Philadelphia Eagles are World. Effing. Champions.




World. Effing. Champions.

The Philadelphia Eagles have done it. Super Bowl Champions. The perfect ending to an unlikely tale of this team racked by injury to so many of its leading players. But yet here we are–World Effing Champions, to harken back to Chase Utley’s words during Philadelphia’s last championship parade, for the Phillies, in 2008. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles are World. Effing. Champions.’

Morning Muse: The life and death of Garrett Reid


If any positive comes from tragedy, it’s the expression of the common bond of our humanity. The Phillies, the 2nd most popular team in Philadelphia who are often rumored to have a rivalry with the number one Eagles, paid tribute to Garrett Reid on the Jumbotron at Citizen’s Bank Park on Sunday.

The sadness surrounding a child preceding their parent to the grave cuts across division rivalries, with the New York Giants sending their thoughts and prayers to the Reid family.

As was the case on Sunday, the day Garrett Reid was found dead in his room at Lehigh University, the Eagles will continue to push their shared grief and go through another day of practice overseen by Marty Morhinweg and Juan Castillo.

So many stories and about the Reid  family and the outpouring of sympathy from the NFL community has come out in the past 24 hours. Here is a selection of the highlights. Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: The life and death of Garrett Reid’

Philadelphia Eagles: From Dream Team to Dynasty?


Like many members of the Philadelphia Eagles, this past week I squeezed in some last  moments of relaxation before the start of training camp. For the first time ever, my laptop wasn’t opened for almost a full week. I didn’t check Google Reader for Eagles news. I was blissfully unaware of most things happening in the world.

But somehow, two bits of news still made their way to me. The first was news of Mike Vick’s autobiography, set for release in September. The other item? The quarterback’s statement in an interview with CSNPhilly’s Derrick Gunn (which you can watch below) that, “I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty.”

Here we go again.

But is the statement really an outrage, or is it what we should hear from the leader of the team? Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles: From Dream Team to Dynasty?’

Philadelphia Eagles: It’s Always Football Season in Philadelphia


It’s mid-June and the Eagles are a hot topic on sports radio. Sure, right now it’s because of the front office shakeup that removed former team president Joe Banner from his position with the team last week. But football talk dominating the offseason is nothing unusual in this town. Think I’m exaggerating? Ask yourself this question: Just how far are you from a hearing a spontaneous group of Philadephians erupt into an “E-A-G-L-E-S” chant? The passion is deep and is there year-long. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles: It’s Always Football Season in Philadelphia’

Eagles Tweet of the Week: Body Issue


We’ve made it to another Friday, Eagles fans! Today just so happens to be an extra special Friday, as it is the day of birth of a certain writer of this post. Don’t worry–you can get me a present later. I celebrate all month.

The best birthday presents for me this year come in the form of outcomes of sporting events. I already got a nice pre-birthday gift from the city of Detroit, called the elimination of the New York Yankees from the MLB playoffs by the Detroit Tigers. Woot!

The Phillies defeating the Cardinals tonight is a birthday must. And, though it’s not on the actual day, a present in the form of a win from the Eagles on Sunday would do a lot to just make me overall feel a lot better about the state of the team.

If these outcomes do not occur, then I will take it personally. And we don’t want that, do we?

Moving on to the Eagles Tweet of the Week. Jason Kelce has quickly proven that he is one of the Eagles top talents, both on and off the field. Most importantly, on Twitter. He’s funny. He’s ironic. He’s witty. This week, he came up with this:


That’s right, ESPN revealed photos of this year’s Body Issue and they included nary an Eagle. Oh well–Kelce has put them on notice. Surely next year will be his year.

For updates on how the Phils do tonight, be sure to check Philies site View from Section 116.

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