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Eagles: Epic Failure Against The 49ers


Just call the Eagles the freaking Minnesota Vikings. Play well and have sizable leads in the first half of games, then let them go to waste in the second.

The Eagles led the 49ers 23-3 at halftime, held the lead going into the 4th quarter, and lost the game 24-23.

You know what that is called? The technical term is, “An epic failure.”

A quarter of the season is done and the Eagles look more awful now than they did even in the preseason. It’s going from bad to worse, and there seem to be no signs of anything getting better.

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Morning Muse: Tuesday Edition


Today’s scan of Eagles headlines courtesy of Philly Sports Muse:

The most anticipated news of the day: We should find out what ails Jeremy Maclin today – Philly.com

Eagles end training camp one day early, to the delight of players – CSNPhilly.com

Interesting post about the rivalry between the Eagles and the Phillies in Philadelphia. It is very, very real – Philly.com

Hilarity as one Giants fan explains his deep-seeded hatred of DeSean Jackson. Hint: The whole Miracle at the Meadowlands thing plays only a small part – Bleeding Green Nation

What is being said about the Eagles outside of Philadelphia’s media – Moving the Chains

Perhaps now he can stop spreading rumors about washed up former quarterbacks coming to the Birds: Howard Eskin to end his daily radio show after 25 years – Bleeding Green Nation

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The Philadelphia Eagles as the NFL’s Miami Heat?


I woke up this morning to see the following Tweet from Adam Schefter:


The Eagles are the talk of not just the NFL, but of all of sports. The NFL Network asked its Facebook fans yesterday if the team was a lock in appeasing in the 2012 Super Bowl. Philadelphia is being called the Dream Team, the Miami Heat of football.

As we saw how things ended for the Miami Heat this year, it all makes me incredibly nervous.

Don’t get me wrong. I am shocked, wowed, and thrilled by the aggressive moves by the Birds’ front office. The fact that the number 1 free agent in the league saw the potential and talent of the team and wanted to come here is incredible. And as Nnamdi goes, so will the remaining free agents–at least it seems that way.

A visit to Southern California this summer showed my exactly how negative we East-Coasters–and specifically we Philadelphians–tend to be. You don’t realize it until you’re out of your own environment. Meeting up with two friends who now, Philadelphia natives both who now call SoCal home, we realized that negativity is how we Philadelphians bond with one another.

In my inaugural podcast, I noted what seems to be a changing physchology in the Eagles front office as well in the Philadelphia sports fan.The massive chip on our shoulder is going away. Our sports teams have improved , we finally have a world championship team in the Phillies, and we have wrestled two prime athletes out of the hands of New York teams in the past year (Cliff Lee for the Phillies, taken away from the Yankees, and now Nnamdi Asomugha to the Eagles, stolen out from under the Jets). We see and finally believe that we’re not perennial losers. We’re not being overshadowed by New York–we’re overshadowing them.

All of this is why I am loving the fact that Eagles fans are excited and actually believe that their team can take it all. If you’ve ever been to a sports bar in Philadelphia or listened to our sports radio, you realize what a miracle that is. I have to look hard to find anything negative being said about the Philadelphia Eagles from their fanbase right now.

But it still worries me.

There is no question that the Eagles have made the boldest moves in the league in free agency. Philadelphia has been stacked with the best talent available.They are serious about changing what didn’t work to take the incredible potential of this team to a Super Bowl. And it can be done.

But there are still substantial obstacles to overcome. There is talk that this will be the next major move by the team, but who will be playing middle linebacker? What’s going to happen to our Pro Bowl receiver, DeSean Jackson?

And while I am heartened to see his energy, enthusiasm and how players have responded to him, I get a pit in my stomach every time I think about Juan Castillo in the defensive coordinator role. There has got to be a reason why no other team has taken a man who has only coached the offense at the professional level and switched him to the defense. And not just any position on the defense coaching staff–the coordinator position.

The move was risky. It is untested. I have read others speculate that Andy Reid will surround Castillo with the talent he needs so that he will not fail. Castillo’s success, after all, will be a praise of or indictment of Andy Reid. If the move doesn’t work, it will likely mark the end of Andy Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia.

While I realize the proclamations of a certain Super Bowl berth and comparisons to the Miami Heat make for good headlines and polarizing discussions–and controversy drives hits/ratings, whether on the television, radio or web–I’ll enjoy when the talk cools down.

My philosophy to sports fandom mirrors my approach to life: Cautious optimism. Getting wrapped up in the euphoria of major moves or great plays are part of the fun of being a football fan. But I also do not enjoy being absolutely crushed (though it seems to happen quite often).

The media loves to set people, and teams, up to fail. Prepare yourselves for the Eagles to be called chokers or once when they make a misstep or lose their first game this season.

It won’t be because this team isn’t or can’t be a dream. But let’s take some time to let the dream build.

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Eagles Week in Review: A Podcast


Look, ma, I’m trying my hand at podcasting!

The past week has been such an active one in the National Football League overall and with the Philadelphia Eagles in particular, the prospect of writing up a summary of my thoughts of the week was simply overwhelming.

So instead, I thought I’d talk to you about what I think. Literally.

Check out the inaugural Philly Sports Muse podcast here. I talk about the new philosophy of the Philadelphia Eagles, summarize the team’s big moves, and talk about the things for the week that I didn’t love so much.

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For the Love of God: Stop. Talking. About. Cheesesteaks.


Watching national coverage of sporting events involving Philadelphia teams the past several days has revealed a disturbing pattern: An upsetting amount of inexplicable cheesesteak references. Sports broadcasters, the fans of Philadelphia sports teams implore you: Learn something more about Philadelphia other than the fact that cheesesteaks are eaten in this city.


The Green Room’s Kristine Reese and Philly Sports Muse’s Brandyn Campbell plead their cases.

Kristine says:

I have been a Phillies fan all my life.  And it hasn’t been easy. I was born in Philadelphia, raised in Minnesota, attended college in Cincinnati and now reside in New York, 3 miles away from Citi Field. While my parents now live in Philadelphia, and it is my second home, my opportunities to watch a Phillies game live are few and far between. Last night I finally had the chance to finally watch Cliff Lee start for my favorite baseball team on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball and yet, I was mad.

Let me first say that I understand how difficult it is to be a sports analyst, especially for a sport as complex and stat oriented as baseball. But ESPN, I have a major bone to pick with you.

Stop. Talking. About. Cheesesteaks.

9 times in last night’s telecast the word cheesesteak was mentioned by one of the 3 broadcasters. 9 times. Add that to the half dozen or so mentions from Thursday night’s draft coverage (not to mention the MILLIONS of other times it has been referenced while discussing Philly sports) and you have convinced the entire country that all the people of Philadelphia do is sit around, yell at people at sports events (after all, don’t we have the “worst” sports fans?) and eat cheesesteaks? Come on, man! (to quote the man who likes to talk about Cheesesteaks and Philly sports)

Maybe people think that all anyone who lives in Philadelphia maintains a steady cheesesteak diet. Well, people, you are mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a delicious cheesesteak or two in my time but they hardly define this great city. In fact, I could come up with a list of delicious things to eat in the city of Philadelphia that WOULD NOT include eating a cheesesteak.

So, please, PLEASE try to paint a picture of this wonderful, historic and beautiful city with something other than cheesesteaks.

Brandyn says:

Why are people so lazy when it comes to learning about Philadelphia?

These individuals, many of whom seem to have been granted hefty broadcast contracts, know three facts about this place and see no reason to broaden their knowledge base. Philadelphia is cheesesteaks, Rocky and booing Santa Claus. The end.

I can almost forgive the lay person with no contact with this city to know little else about it. However, if you’re in broadcasting I would think that, at the very least, you’d want to have at least one other fact at your finger tips. You want to constantly make references to food somehow when talking about Philadelphia, its teams and it fans, you say? Let’s pretend this is a multiple choice test. Pick one or more of the following items to use if you wish to still sound ignorant, but wish to switch up your stereotypical reinforcements of Philadelphia:

A) Tastykakes
B) Soft pretzels
C) Scrapple
D) Water ice Continue reading ‘For the Love of God: Stop. Talking. About. Cheesesteaks.’