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Philadelphia Eagles – Indianapolis Colts MNF game has potential to be a shootout


We’re coming to the close of Week 2 in the NFL, and significant injuries have already been unkind to many teams, the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts included. Philadelphia will play Indianapolis in Lucas Oil stadium, where Andrew Luck has a 13-3 record since being drafted by the team as the first overall pick three years ago. Will homefield advantage be the edge that the Colts need?

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Redskins of 2012 Are the New Eagles of 2011 in Early Approach to Free Agency


Pierre Garcon, Tuesday's winner in free agency. Photo via ESPN.com

Monday, our rivals in the NFC East gave a gift to the Eagles and 27 other teams in the NFL. The gift of money.

Why? Because of punishment handed down the league.

Washington was docked a whopping $36 million in cap room. The Cowboys lost $10 million from their cap. For the troubles of their rivals, the Eagles received an additional $1.6 million in cap space.

Aww, thank you guys so much!

Washington and Dallas were given the option to split the hit over this season and next.

Both teams deny any wrongdoing, with Dallas saying, “The Dallas Cowboys were in compliance with all league salary cap rules during the uncapped year.” The Redskins issued a similar statement, which said, “Every contract entered into during the applicable periods complied with the 2010 and 2011 CBAs.”

Somehow, though, it hasn’t stopped the ‘Skins from making an early splash in free agency, spending up a storm. We’re not even 24 hours into free agency and for the moment, it looks like the Redskins of 2012 are the Eagles of 2011 in terms of their free agency approach. Continue reading ‘Redskins of 2012 Are the New Eagles of 2011 in Early Approach to Free Agency’

No Eagles Football, But There Is Plenty To Watch This Sunday


*Cue Dion Sanders singing* Cam. WHOA, CAM.

It’s Bye Week for the Birds, so no Eagles football today. Sniffle. Spending a Sunday in the fall not watching football is downright criminal, and is therefore not an option. Here are some suggestions for a few games you should check out.

Washington at Carolina – 1 pm, FOX

Rex Grossman is benched (liking how that feels, Rexy?), so John Beck will try to lead the Redskins to defeat over rookie Cam Newton. Cam has been exceptional so far this year, but his team has few wins to show for it. I’m liking the Panthers to win this one. And, a Redskins loss will obviously help Philadelphia.

St. Louis at Dallas – 4:15 pm, FOX

I don’t even have to tell you who I’m rooting for in this one.  Can someone please explain to me how Dallas continues to be called “America’s Team” when 90% of the country seems to despise them?

The Rams are looking for their first win this season. This time with backup QB and former Eagle A.J. Feeley, who is taking over for an injured Sam Bradford. I would really like for them to pull the upset, but I don’t see that happening. Poor St. Louis.

Indianapolis at New Orleans – SNF on NBC, 8:20 pm

If I’m being honest, I am terrified of watching this game. The Colts seeking their first win on the road in NOLA? Ay, Dios mio.

But I love the Colts. And without Peyton Manning (*sobs*) the team needs more support than ever. The allure of this 2010 Super Bowl rematch is markedly lessened by the fact that the starting quarterback for the Colts is none other than Curtis Painter. In fact, it nullifies the “rematch” component of it.

Even without Peyton, this team is so much better than the way they have performed thus far this season. I’m hoping they can pull the unlikely upset. Avenge the loss of the 2010 Super Bowl, and start showing that the talent on that team–Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney–can come together and get it done.

I’m still scared, but I will be watching.

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