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The Sad Saga That Is The End of Donovan McNabb’s Career


Donovan has a sad. Image via ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth

The sad saga that is the ending of Donovan McNabb’s career in the NFL still hasn’t ended.

I’ve said it before many times on this site, and I’ll say it again: I adore D. McNabb. So seeing what has happened to him following his time in Philadelphia has been tough. I thought his benching in Washington, behind Rex Grossman and John Beck, was the low point. I had high hopes for his time in Minnesota. Okay, well–just hopes. I thought he could do a solid job as quarterback, nothing too fancy, and that the team could have a decent chance to compete with a healthy Adrian Peterson.

As it turns out, things didn’t happen that way. At all. And it turned out that there was another low for McFive’s time in the league–being benched for rookie Christian Ponder. I gotta tell ya, that one hurt. Really hurt. The the Vikings knew that Ponder would be their future, and they wanted to give him the opportunity to gain experience. Continue reading ‘The Sad Saga That Is The End of Donovan McNabb’s Career’

Denial Ain’t Just A River in Egypt–There’s A Big Ole’ Case Of It In Washington


Those Shanahans in Washington are something else. They can’t coach a winning team to save their lives and yet they still somehow: a) have jobs, and b) think they can talk trash from the bottom of the division.

The trash talk happened today when the coach’s son, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, thought it appropriate to pump up his awful team by make disparaging remarks about Juan Castillo.

Per ProFootballTalk and Bleeding Green Nation, Kyle tried to pump up the troops by saying the following:

“Hey, about an hour ago, all right, their [defensive] coordinator [Juan Castillo] told us, told [offensive line coach Chris] Foerster, that [if] the Giants would have lost last week, they were in the playoffs,” Kyle Shanahan said. “He didn’t mention that they had to beat us today. F–k him, f–k these guys. In 2012 the Redskins are gonna be the NFC East champions, and that starts right f–king today.”

F*ck Juan, Kyle? I’d like to hear your remarks to your team postgame, because clearly you and your crap team were the ones who got f**ked.

Oh, and the whole “we’re going to win next year” remark is old. It was said by your exalted quarterback Rex Grossman at the start of this season and hmm, just wanted to check in–how did that work out for you?

You can see video of this massive case of delusion by going here.

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No Eagles Football, But There Is Plenty To Watch This Sunday


*Cue Dion Sanders singing* Cam. WHOA, CAM.

It’s Bye Week for the Birds, so no Eagles football today. Sniffle. Spending a Sunday in the fall not watching football is downright criminal, and is therefore not an option. Here are some suggestions for a few games you should check out.

Washington at Carolina – 1 pm, FOX

Rex Grossman is benched (liking how that feels, Rexy?), so John Beck will try to lead the Redskins to defeat over rookie Cam Newton. Cam has been exceptional so far this year, but his team has few wins to show for it. I’m liking the Panthers to win this one. And, a Redskins loss will obviously help Philadelphia.

St. Louis at Dallas – 4:15 pm, FOX

I don’t even have to tell you who I’m rooting for in this one.  Can someone please explain to me how Dallas continues to be called “America’s Team” when 90% of the country seems to despise them?

The Rams are looking for their first win this season. This time with backup QB and former Eagle A.J. Feeley, who is taking over for an injured Sam Bradford. I would really like for them to pull the upset, but I don’t see that happening. Poor St. Louis.

Indianapolis at New Orleans – SNF on NBC, 8:20 pm

If I’m being honest, I am terrified of watching this game. The Colts seeking their first win on the road in NOLA? Ay, Dios mio.

But I love the Colts. And without Peyton Manning (*sobs*) the team needs more support than ever. The allure of this 2010 Super Bowl rematch is markedly lessened by the fact that the starting quarterback for the Colts is none other than Curtis Painter. In fact, it nullifies the “rematch” component of it.

Even without Peyton, this team is so much better than the way they have performed thus far this season. I’m hoping they can pull the unlikely upset. Avenge the loss of the 2010 Super Bowl, and start showing that the talent on that team–Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney–can come together and get it done.

I’m still scared, but I will be watching.

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Time to Call It A Career



I love Donovan McNabb. Always have, always will.

McNabb was never treated fairly by Eagles fans or Philadelphia media during his time in Philadelphia. Like it or not, he was an integral part of the Eagles’ relative success for 10 years, from 1999-2009.  I was heartbroken when McNabb was traded to the Redskins in 2010.

I don’t have to tell you that the Redskins did not do well last year. But Donovan should not bear the brunt of that team’s failures. Head coach Mike Shanahan showed a perplexing penchant for drama and devotion to his son Kyle, Redskins’ offensive coordinator who heavily favored Rex Grossman over McNabb, which led to Donovan’s benching at the end of the season.

The fact that anyone would favor Rex Grossman over anyone else should tell you all you need to know.

Nonetheless, my heart wept for Donovan McNabb. A good player and a good person deserved more respect than he received in the nation’s capital.

The news that McNabb would go to the Viking for the 2011 season gave me hope that McNabb could redeem himself, his reputation, and end his career on a high(er) note.  He had some weapons with which to work, it seemed, unlike the reality in Washington. He could make a decent showing.

Or not. Continue reading ‘Time to Call It A Career’

Back in Business: Eagles Defeat Redskins 20-13


Photo via the Philadelphia Eagles

It wasn’t perfect, but the Eagles pulled out a win in Washington on Sunday and gosh darn it–winning feels good.

The 20-13 win was a 20-3 lead at halftime, but Philadelphia was able to hang on to defeat their division rival.

Some highs from the game:
A great day for the secondary: S Kurt Coleman, benched earlier in the season, had 3 interceptions in the game. S Nate Allen had one INT for the defense.
The offense used more of its weapons. Brent Celek got his first TD of the season and showed how valuable he can be
LeSean McCoy. The only constant bright spot for the Eagles this season had another great game. In the 1st half of the game he racked up 77 rushing yards. Shady finished the game with 126 yards. McCoy has scored a touchdown in each of the Eagles 6 games this season.
Nnamdi made some noise! One of the biggest surprises of the season thus far has been the lack of production from Nnamdi Asomugha. Today, he reminded us all that he’s still here and he is absolutely fierce. He made a fierce stop to TE Chris Cooley, sending Cooley to the Redskins’ locker room for the remainder of the game.
Way to go receivers: Jeremy Maclin had huge game, with 5 receptions for 101 yards. DeSean Jackson only had 46 yards for 3 receptions, but averaged 15.3 yards per catch.
That cobbled together offensive line. It was pieced together at the last minute, but somehow it worked.Philadelphia’s offensive line worked together and did a decent job of protecting Vick. Go figure.

And the lows:
Not VY: On one of the hits Vick did take on the field, he had to come out of the game while he was attended to by Eagles staff. It turned out that he just had dirt in his face and had the wind knocked out of him and needed to get himself together. Continue reading ‘Back in Business: Eagles Defeat Redskins 20-13’