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Eagles issue statement over Riley Cooper calendar gaffe



Whoops! The Eagles say that featuring a player known to have used then-word for February was an innocent mistake.

Awkward. Unfortunate. Embarrassing. Offensive. All describe the fact that Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper, who was recorded using the n-word at a concert almost two years ago, was the featured player for February in the team’s official calendar.

In case you’ve forgotten, February is also Black History Month.

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Rookies to revel in tonight’s Philadelphia Eagles preseason game against the Chicago Bears


Image via PhiladelphiaEagles.com

It all starts tonight. Philadelphia Eagles football, at Chicago’s Soldier Field against the Bears. The start of the preseason separates the rabid football faithful from the more faint at heart. If you get excited about Eagles preseason football, then tonight brings the most exciting start to a weekend in many, many months.

Sure, the game doesn’t mean anything about the 2014 regular season. It doesn’t tell us how the Eagles will finish in the NFC East. But it’s something. We won’t see them for long, but Chip Kelly tells us that we’ll see the starters for about 10-15 snaps. Better than nothing, but close to it. What we will get to see is the Birds’ rookies in NFL game action for the very first team. Now that’s something to look forward to. Continue reading ‘Rookies to revel in tonight’s Philadelphia Eagles preseason game against the Chicago Bears’

Morning Muse: Philadelphia Eagles will be ‘cautious’ in free agency


Yesterday marked the first Sunday since August with no NFL football. Yes, that’s right–this cold, unrelenting winter just got worse. As we try to come to terms with the long, dark offseason, let’s take comfort in the fact that there is still news about the Eagles. Here’s a look at some of the best headlines from the weekend.

We all remember the spending spree that marked the summer of 2011 for the Philadelphia Eagles. They landed the league’s hottest free agent, Nnamdi Asomugha, and all was supposed to be good in green. Well, we know how that turned out.  That’s why GM Howie Roseman has said that the organization now knows and values using caution in free agency.

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Is this how it ends for Mike Vick in Philadelphia?


A tough hit, a tough loss. Image via the Philadelphia Eagles.

With each successive loss, hope for this Philadelphia Eagles team was harder and harder to come by.

Five straight losses, the most in Andy Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia. The last time the Birds saw a win was on September 30—the non-playoff Phillies saw a win more recently than Philly’s football team.

Perhaps more disturbing, there were no signs of improvement anywhere on the squad. You know the talent is there, but the hope of putting it together in a meaningful way?

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Eagles v. Giants preview: Can Philadelphia take down the champs?


Image via Sunday Night Football on NBC's Facebook page

While it will only be the fourth game of the season, much will be decided by the intense Week 4 matchup that is the rivalry of the New York Giants versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s well documented that these teams hate each other, and no one who wears Eagles green on Sundays enjoyed seeing our rivals to the north get hot just at the right time last season and shock us all by winning the Super Bowl. If nothing else, Philadelphia has got to want to bring New York’s self esteem down a few notches on the playing field this week. The first divisional game against a championship team on primetime television, in addition to the fact that Weapon X, #20 Brian Dawkins will be present for his retirement ceremony, is a recipe  for a great game. Continue reading ‘Eagles v. Giants preview: Can Philadelphia take down the champs?’