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Brian Rolle reacts to his release via Twitter


Social media has taken much of the mystery out of professional sports. While we’ve imagined what athletes must think and feel as they experience some of the unpleasantness of the business, we can witness the reaction in real time.

Some display anger. Some grow silent. Brian Rolle reacted with a display of faith in himself and a higher being.


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Eagles Tweet of the Week: Working on a Dream


The joys of being Super Bowl champions are seemingly neverending. The knowledge that you are the best in the game and your hard work and talent have gotten you the highly coveted Lombardi trophy. For a year your team’s named is referred to as the “World Champion Team XYZ.”  You get to bask in the privilege of having your accomplishment honored by the President of the United States of America.

Of course, we wouldn’t know anything about this as Eagles fans. And it hurts like hell.

Seeing The Team That Won’t Be Named north of us on I-95 have the opportunity to meet and joke around with President Barack Obama on Friday over their accomplishment in February was maddening.  I lept up to turn off the TV at the sight of them at the White House with their ear-to-ear grins even though the remote control was right next to me. Slamming a button on a remote just doesn’t have the same, satisfying feeling.

Yeah, Philadelphia Eagles fans have a huge chip on our shoulders until we can cross the hurdle of having OUR team getting a Super Bowl win. Hoisting up that trophy. Getting that parade down Broad Street. Being announced for a year as the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles (I’m hoping the act of visualizing en masse will help to get us to this goal sooner rather than later).

CB Brandon Hughes saw the coverage of the Team Who Shall Not Be Named and is letting it fuel his dreams. Which happens to be our dream as well.  And for that, he has the Eagles Tweet of the Week.

Keep working on that dream.

Have a great weekend, Eagles fans!

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Evan Mathis On Twitter: “I’m Just Trying To Interact And Entertain”

For better or for worse, social media, particularly Twitter, has changed the way that sports news is reported, disseminated, and even created.

This weekend alone featured three major stories relating to sports figures and Twitter: Colts owner Jim Irsay’s Twitter feud with ESPN’s Adam Schefter;
Lions CB Aaron Barry’s confrontational tweets to fans after Detroit’s loss to New Orleans; and Dallas Mavericks’  Delonte West’s perplexing Twitter meltdown.

When used correctly, social media can be a tremendous asset for teams and players to express themselves and deepen loyalty from their fanbase. Unfortunately, cases of heartwarming Twitter sports tales don’t tend to make headlines.

Though many Eagles fans have taken it as an insult, the uproar that emerged from OG Evan Mathis’ tweet calling those who wanted Andy Reid ousted idiots shows something about Mathis that is very clear in reading his Twitter timeline: He enjoys interacting via social media, whether it be exchanging pleasantries or taking on angry fans.

Mathis’ approach to social media is unique among professional athletes. Philly Sports Muse spoke exclusively to Mathis about his use of Twitter, his fan engagement philosophy, his love of Words with Friends, and whether teams should limit the social media usage of their players. Continue reading ‘Evan Mathis On Twitter: “I’m Just Trying To Interact And Entertain”’

Evan Mathis Talks to Philly Sports Muse: “I’m A Fierce Competitor”


Evan Mathis

You may not see eye-to-eye with Eagles LG Evan Mathis on the effectiveness of Andy Reid as the Eagles’ head coach, but regardless of your feelings his success with Howard Mudd and the Eagles offensive line in 2011 cannot be denied or overlooked.

In case you missed it, Mathis proved to be the most powerful man in Philadelphia social media on Tuesday, as a singular tweet led to almost immediate radio and TV interviews with 97.5 The Fanatic and on Daily News Live regarding this tweet, which he posted in the midst of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s press conference:

‘Twas the post heard around the Philadelphia Twitterverse. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Mathis did not back away from or try to hide the controversial tweet, instead embracing opportunities presented to clarify his comments in more than 140 characters. That has to be worth something. And seriously? It was one tweet.

Evan Mathis is a unique presence on Twitter. He is witty, eloquent, irreverent, and clearly, sometimes controversial. We discuss his use of Twitter in the second part of our conversation. Today, however, we talk about what matters most to him as a player and to us as fans: Football.

Mathis, a self-described journeyman, was signed to the Eagles as a free agent this summer after two seasons in Cincinnati (prior to that he was in Miami and was drafted to Carolina in 2005). He brought important veteran experience to an offensive line that featured two rookies, center Jason Kelce and RG Danny Watkins, who were even more green than usual due to last year’s lockout. The o-line was one of the greatest areas of concern at the start of the season but found its rhythm in the latter half, being an integral part of LeSean McCoy’s record-breaking season.

Mathis’ success on the field with the Eagles in 2011 has garnered him notice. Pro Football Focus rated him as the top OG in the league for the season.

Evan Mathis spoke exclusively to Philly Sports Muse about his arrival in Philadelphia, the gelling of the Eagles offensive line, the fiercest defensive linemen in the National Football League and why working with Howard Mudd has him playing the best football of his career. Continue reading ‘Evan Mathis Talks to Philly Sports Muse: “I’m A Fierce Competitor”’

Eagles Tweet of The Week: LOL!


It’s not just Friday, it’s Friday of Cowboys Week. Can life get any better? Not until you’ve seen the Eagles Tweet of the Week, it can’t.

Today’s Tweet of the Week features the appearance of an Eagles player not previously highlighted here, one Evan Mathis. Mathis is a man of conviction, and he took to Twitter this week to advocate what is an important issue for him.

I was surprised upon initial reading this tweet, as I thought there was a pact between NFL players on Twitter to use “LOL” in virtually every tweet. Many are so fond of the acronym that it seems to have become a punctuation mark of sorts. I was certain heavy inclusion of  “LOL” was a mandatory part of NFL  social media training.

What the world needs is “LOL” in moderation. My friend Steve has a rule that we should all follow: You may not use LOL unless you are actually laughing out loud. Seems pretty simple, and it would undoubtedly cut down on criminal misuse/overuse of the word. And we could avoid war.

Everybody wins!

To you, Mr. Mathis, I say this: LOL. LMAO. ROTFL. ROTFLMAO. LMBO. LMBBO.

Et cetera, et cetera.

I do think that even Evan will be okay with fans using LOL often during Sunday night’s game in order to express our laughter at the Dallas’ failures. Now let’s go whip some Cowboys!

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