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Eagles Briefs: Rodgers-Cromartie fined 21K for hit on Leftwich


When Dominique Rodger-Cromartie leapt at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich during the Eagles preseason opener on August 9 , you knew you’d be hearing more about the hit. DRC was flagged for a 15-yard roughing-the-passer penalty during the game and we waited for the league to weigh in.

On Friday, Rodgers-Cromartie discovered the total bill: $21,000, the minimum fine for his offense.

The Eagles corner has said that he  thought it was a clean hit. When Rodgers-Cromartie learned that the NFL thought otherwise he joked, “Twenty-one thousand? I ain’t even got that. I won’t hit ‘em no more, I’ll tell you that much.” Continue reading ‘Eagles Briefs: Rodgers-Cromartie fined 21K for hit on Leftwich’

Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp: 5 Things We Learned at Lehigh


Tuesday marked the last day at Lehigh University for the Philadelphia Eagles team in 2012. Since late July, we’ve learned a lot about this team and the possibilities for the upcoming season. Here’s a look at five things we can takeaway from Lehigh.

1. Tough camp, tough team: Head coach Andy Reid told his team during OTAs to except a tough training camp.  He delivered on his promise. No one could have predicted the emotional hit that hit the team with the sudden death of Garrett Reid a week and a half ago. But, following the lead by their coach, Eagles players battled through their emotions and kept playing football. Just as they battled through the heat and injuries that built up during camp. Football is not a sport for the fainthearted and there is no doubt that this Eagles team is strong, resilient and ready to battle. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp: 5 Things We Learned at Lehigh’

Philadelphia Eagles: King Dunlap overtakes Demetress Bell at LT


Left tackle Demetress Bell was signed this offseason to stand in for Pro Bowler Jason Peters after he went down with an offseason Achilles injury. The success of the offensive line is critical for ensuring success for the Philadelphia Eagles this season, and after just one preseason game the Birds decided that change was needed.

During Saturday’s walk through, the towering King Dunlap (6’9, 330) was given the thumbs up to take the starting left tackle position in practice. Tim McManus reports that neither Bell nor Dunlap received an explanation as to the change.

Bell took the news in stride, saying

“No it’s not surprising. It is what it is. If that’s what the coaches say then that’s what it is. It’s not my job to sit there and coach. It’s my job to just play.”

Bell played only 6 snaps in Thursday’s preseason opener against the Steelers but had an unimpressive outing. In fact, he may have been a key reason why Vick injured his thumb. Sheil Kapadia outlined in Birds 24/7 what happened during the play.

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Both bright spots and problems revealed in Eagles win over Steelers


Photo via the Philadelphia Eagles

The first preseason game of 2012 is in the books and we learned a lot about this Philadelphia Eagles team. The Birds edged out the Steelers 24-23, getting a 51-yard field goal by Alex Henery with just moments left in the game.

The drive that got Philadelphia within kicking goal range was led by Trent Edwards and a says lot about the night. As head coach Andy Reid said following the game, the 3s and 4s did well in Thursday’ night’s game. There is some work to be done with the 1s and 2s.

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Morning Muse: Sadness and support from around the NFL for the Reid family


Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and his family laid their eldest son, Garrett Reid, to rest on Tuesday. In a day of unimaginable sadness, over 900 people showed their support for the Reids. Their was a massive outpouring of support from the NFL. Current players attended en masse; former Eagles like Donovan McNabb, Jeremiah Trotter, and Brian Westbook were in attendance; head coaches Bill Belichick and John Harbaugh were present; and new Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren, with whom coach Reid grew close during his time in Green Bay. Even commissioner Roger Goodell was present to pay his respects.

Of the funeral service, the words of team owner Jeffrey Lurie were particularly beautiful, expressing the duality of the grieving process: “It was filled with grief and love, and that’s the nature of sadness. There’s not a lot of grief if you don’t love, and there’s not a lot of love if you don’t grieve.”

Various perspectives on the day and related news: Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: Sadness and support from around the NFL for the Reid family’