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Philadelphia Eagles are World. Effing. Champions.




World. Effing. Champions.

The Philadelphia Eagles have done it. Super Bowl Champions. The perfect ending to an unlikely tale of this team racked by injury to so many of its leading players. But yet here we are–World Effing Champions, to harken back to Chase Utley’s words during Philadelphia’s last championship parade, for the Phillies, in 2008. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles are World. Effing. Champions.’

Will upgrades at the Linc put Philadelphia in contention as a Super Bowl host city?



The Philadelphia Eagles announced over the weekend a that Lincoln Financial Field would undergo a Stadium Revitalization Project over the next two years intended to enhance the fan experience at games.

Included in the project, which will conclude prior to the start of the 2014 season, includes Wi-FI (whoo hoo!), an additional 7,000 seats, 2 additional HD video boards, bridges connecting the upper levels of the stadium and imagery to connect great moments and players of the team, including 34 murals placed along the upper and main concourses. The project will total $125 million. Continue reading ‘Will upgrades at the Linc put Philadelphia in contention as a Super Bowl host city?’

Eagles Briefs: Philadelphia as Super Bowl host city?


Philadelphia…beautiful place, but possible Super Bowl host?

The NFL Owners Meetings are currently under way outside of Phoenix and a wide range of league-related concerns will be discussed.  Philadelphia Eagles’ Jeffrey Lurie discussed a more specific matter on Monday: the possibility of his city serving one day as host to the biggest sporting event of the year.

Should the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl go well in 2014 and the weather not prove too disastrous, Lurie says that he will then push to have Philly have the honor of holding the sporting world’s attention. Continue reading ‘Eagles Briefs: Philadelphia as Super Bowl host city?’

Eagles training camp 2012: And so it begins


Image via Lehighvalleylive.com

After a long offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles begin the climb to building a successful 2012 campaign. Rookies and select veterans, including Mike Vick, report to Lehigh University today. Camp will be in full swing with all players reporting on Wednesday.

The start of training camp represents unbridled hope for fans and players alike. Almost half of the men who report to camp will not make it to the regular season with the team. But they’re not thinking about that right now. What matters is that they’re on the roster now. And they will grind to achieve the difficult task on staying on that roster through the regular season. Continue reading ‘Eagles training camp 2012: And so it begins’

Eagles Tweet of the Week: Working on a Dream


The joys of being Super Bowl champions are seemingly neverending. The knowledge that you are the best in the game and your hard work and talent have gotten you the highly coveted Lombardi trophy. For a year your team’s named is referred to as the “World Champion Team XYZ.”  You get to bask in the privilege of having your accomplishment honored by the President of the United States of America.

Of course, we wouldn’t know anything about this as Eagles fans. And it hurts like hell.

Seeing The Team That Won’t Be Named north of us on I-95 have the opportunity to meet and joke around with President Barack Obama on Friday over their accomplishment in February was maddening.  I lept up to turn off the TV at the sight of them at the White House with their ear-to-ear grins even though the remote control was right next to me. Slamming a button on a remote just doesn’t have the same, satisfying feeling.

Yeah, Philadelphia Eagles fans have a huge chip on our shoulders until we can cross the hurdle of having OUR team getting a Super Bowl win. Hoisting up that trophy. Getting that parade down Broad Street. Being announced for a year as the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles (I’m hoping the act of visualizing en masse will help to get us to this goal sooner rather than later).

CB Brandon Hughes saw the coverage of the Team Who Shall Not Be Named and is letting it fuel his dreams. Which happens to be our dream as well.  And for that, he has the Eagles Tweet of the Week.

Keep working on that dream.

Have a great weekend, Eagles fans!

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