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Eagles v. Jets: What to watch (sorry, no Tebow)


Eagles v. New York Jets
6:35 pm
Radio: WIP 94 FM and 610 AM

The New York Jets are 0-3 in preseason action and, in case you haven’t heard, have yet to score a touchdown. The full-scale circus that has followed the Jets this year will be toned down substantially by the fact that Tim Tebow will not be playing in Thursday night’s game. I see the sadness on your face even as I write this.

The Eagles won’t be playing their starters so why bother to watch this game? In case you’ve forgotten, all NFL teams must have their rosters to 53 by Friday night at 9 pm. While there has already been some movement on Philadelphia’s roster (see below), tonight will secure the futures of several men on this squad, for better or for worse. Continue reading ‘Eagles v. Jets: What to watch (sorry, no Tebow)’